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Get involved and enjoy the amplifying effects of meditating together at one of the many informal sessions we hold each month. Come together with the Beeja community at 6pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and 12 noon Tuesday to Friday. As soon as you’ve completed our Beginners Course you will be able to book onto as many as you wish, for the rest of your life. Good times!

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Beeja group meditations are a great way to: keep your practice going when you need a bit of a boost, meet other meditators, and ask us any questions you might have.

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Where and when?

Every week:

Daily at 6pm via Live Video Broadcast

12 Noon Monday-Friday via Live Video Broadcast

The Space: The meditation space in our Shoreditch studio is a large light-filled room looking out over Hoxton Square. We spent many months waiting for right space to come available that is so central, yet is peaceful, relaxing and quiet. Lined with comfy sofas and an array of herbal tea always on tap, it’s a fabulous space to meditate in. 

Who’s it for? Everybody who has completed our Beginner’s Course. These sessions are also open to anyone who has learned Beeja Meditation, Vedic Meditation or Transcendental Meditation.

“Understanding why things happen the way they do and how to transmute “bad” things into “good” has enabled me to face my life full on and without fear. It has helped to cast a light on all the things I clung onto that I thought were important. Now I recognise what really matters which means I can enjoy life with far less friction that before”

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Digby, Property Manager, Sussex

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Note: You can only attend a group medtation session if you have completed the Beginner’s Meditation Course

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