Meditation for Bulimia

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Studies show that meditation is effective at decreasing emotional and binge eating. By balancing the mind, we can become more attuned to what the body needs and find the serene strength to resist cravings and feelings of shame - and ultimately beat bulimia.

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  • The Problem

    Bulimia is an eating disorder that predominantly affects young women and girls - although both men and women can develop the disorder at any age. 

    Defined by the binge-purge cycle, people with bulimia impose strict rules around their eating. This restriction is difficult to maintain, leading people with bulimia to binge eat when they think they’ve failed and purge in the ensuing guilt.

    It goes hand in hand with other compulsive tendencies and often accompanies low self-esteem and other psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression.

    People with bulimia will usually be prescribed a guided self-help programme with the input of a therapist. They may also be prescribed antidepressants alongside this.


  • How it affects you

    Living with bulimia can impact every aspect of your life. Your physical health is likely to suffer, it can be difficult to socialise (especially in settings involving food) and thoughts about food and gaining weight can be all-consuming. 

    People with bulimia often report feelings of worthlessness and the experience of this illness can further damage self-esteem. 

    Like all such conditions, it becomes compounded by stress. Stress activates the branch of the autonomic nervous system which is the storehouse of all of our negative tendencies. It distorts our cognitive abilities, and it activates the amygdala, the seat of all of our anxious tendencies.


  • How can Beeja help?

    Meditation balances our mood by restoring our hormonal production and has anti-depressant qualities. 

    Simultaneous to this, we become much calmer and less anxious due to the more balanced activity of the amygdala (the engine of our anxiety response), and we become much less compulsive due to the increased activity in our cortex. 

    Additionally, meditation not only restores our cognitive functioning back to normal levels, it actually enhances it to higher levels.

    By developing all of our physical and mental capabilities, meditation builds our confidence, acceptance (of ourselves and our surroundings) and enables us to feel comfortable in our own skin.

    It gives us a much greater sense of self-esteem. It is as if we realise deep within that we have no need to conform to any rigid ideas about what defines us.

    The result of all this is that it become easier to engage with other therapies and we are much more likely to recover, lessening the need to battle with ourselves using our conscious mind.

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  • Reviews

    Ella, Civil Servant, Brighton

    "I have battled with an eating disorder for 5 years and although I have managed to make progress alone, the meditation has enabled me, almost immediately, to think in a much more rational way, helping me to cope with all the things that used to trigger my self destructive behaviours."

    Ani, Student, Germany

    "I learned to meditate a few months ago and still think this is one of the most amazing life skills to have. I’m far more relaxed than I used to be and stay calm in situations that normally would have triggered a not all that calm reaction."


    "Whilst it’s not always easy to face up to your demons I really do feel like I am on a life transforming path. I highly recommend to anyone thinking about trying this technique to give it a go."

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"I know that it is possible to become 100 percent cured. I have no problem with food anymore.”

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Jane Fonda. Actress, political activist and former bulimia sufferer.

"..I managed to switch off for long enough to get that floaty feeling people from Brighton swear by."
"I have a lifelong tool that has brought me calm, clarity and increased creativity"
"I've noticed that I’m no longer ruled by emotions – I can see when I’m angry or frustrated without being in that feeling.”

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