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Vedic meditation is one of the names given in the west to the ancient technique of Nishkam Marka yoga.  It is practiced using personalised mantras which allow you to access a deep meditative state. At Beeja we teach Vedic meditation course online in London, in a way that is down to earth and designed to work with busy modern lives. While the techniques are the same, there are some key distinctions between what the majority of Vedic meditation teachers are offering, and what we are providing. 


We are very much a community at Beeja which you are welcome to tap into at any time. We offer free follow up support for life, free group meditations, and host lots of super fun live events.

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  • What is Vedic meditation?

    As mentioned, it originates from the Vedic technique of Nishkam Karma yoga, which was widely practiced in the ancient Vedic culture of Northern India as part of the Shankaracharya lineage.

    Beeja meditation is a form of the ancient technique that’s been branded as “VM”, and we teach Vedic meditation course in London in a down to earth friendly way. No kaftans required! 


  • How is Vedic meditation practiced?

    You are given a personalised mantra that acts as a vehicle for a super restful and neurologically powerful state, that the ancient sages of India called turiya. It is chosen to work with your nervous system in a way that brings about the most holistic benefits.

    You sit quietly with eyes closed, effortlessly repeating a mantra in the mind, for 15-20 minutes at a time.

    Turiya is a state of transcendence, which is incredibly nourishing to both mind and body. This state is very distinct from the results achieved by concentration and contemplation based techniques and is why the ancient Indians called it ‘nishkam karma yoga’ which roughly translates to ‘the effortless path to attainment’.

  • Beeja meditation vs Vedic meditation

    Every Beeja teacher has spent years meditating with us to the highest levels. Will was personally trained by the world’s greatest master of this knowledge and it has made a significant impact on his ability to pass this knowledge on in the most powerful way. 

    Even so, Will found there were still a few gaps, and rather than ignore them and focus on the plentiful good stuff, he spent a decade travelling the world trying to find the answers, so that what he can teach at Beeja is even more powerful and even more comprehensive. This includes complimentary techniques for grounding your energy, further dissipating anxiety, insomnia and anger, and techniques that better enable you to manage your energy so that you can stay in an elevated and joyful place long after the meditation is complete.

    Cost: On a more practical note, other channels of learning Vedic meditation tend to be considerably more expensive than we are, and yet we appear to offer students greater value in terms of ongoing support and teaching excellence. By learning an enhanced version of Vedic meditation with us in London, you will have access to a lifetime of personalised aftercare to keep you supported in your practice.

  • The benefits of Beeja

    The biggest difference between Beeja and other schools is in the levels of aftercare. We are there to support you for as long as you need after your course. We are always just an email or a phone call away, and have 24 FREE group meditations in London that you can attend every month, as well as unique live events at different times throughout the year.

    The beauty is, you get access to these for life. If you had access to lots of free yoga classes per month for life, there is no doubt you would excel. It is exactly the same here.

    If you wish to take your meditation further, we take you step by step through your journey of progression, giving you the tools and knowledge you need to confidently integrate these more powerful techniques into your practice.

    Within TM, they can be keen for you to upgrade as quickly as possible. At Beeja we think it’s important for you to take things at your own pace, and give yourself enough time to fully embrace each stage of the practice. 

    With the addition of our additional techniques to help you get further, faster, we are confident that our Beginner’s and Advanced meditation courses are more relevant and more insightful than what is being offered through standard Vedic meditation channels. 

    Ultimately, if you’re interested in learning this technique with a Vedic meditation course in London, it is worth looking into both our offerings and seeing which one resonates most with you. 

    Good luck!

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  • Reviews

    Melissa, Yoga Teacher, London

    "I’m loving the meditation and amazed at the impact it’s had on me. All the old anxieties have just melted away – I feel like I’m functioning in a completely different space.”

    Naomi, Journalist, London

    "I decided to do the course after reading the reviews on here. I wondered if they were too good to be true, but am thrilled to say the vedic meditation really is as amazing as everyone else has described. I don’t truly understand how repeating the mantra twice a day works such wonders, but it does. I have a new-found respect for my body and its capacity to heal itself when it is allowed.”  

    Becca, Estate Agent, Brighton

    "I have now been meditating for 4 years. Having tried a whole range of different techniques in that time, I can safely say that Beeja Meditation is by miles the easiest technique to learn and more importantly the most straight forward one to integrate into your daily life without even having to think about ‘making time’ for it. The course was brilliant, laid back and informal yet very informative. By the end of it I was buzzing! It has taken years of searching, but I have now finally found the kind of meditation I’ve been looking for.”

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