The story of Beeja

We want to make the world a happier, healthier place by helping people to embrace their full human potential

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Beeja is the seed of infinite potential

That’s why we chose the name Beeja - meaning seed in ancient Sanskrit and happy/new beginnings when given to an Indian baby. It’s also the name of the mantras, or sounds, that you’ll receive when you learn with us. And, if you want to go really deep, it means the origin of the universe.

By giving you a few simple tools, we’ll open you up to a limitless way of being. Beeja can help you fulfil long-held dreams, or take your life on exciting new twists and turns you’d never have thought possible.

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Meditation for everyone

We know what it’s like to feel stressed out and worn down by life, and that’s why we know there is a better way. Beeja helps to reduce the stress of modern life, so you can start enjoying it more. We’re for everyone - from school kids, to cynical urbanites, to advanced meditators looking to find an extra gear. Put simply, Beeja is for human beings.

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The Beeja approach

We provide simple, impactful and time-tested techniques, coupled with a high level of personalised support for as long as you wish. Our teachings are based on powerful ancient knowledge and we're here to share them in a friendly, down-to-earth and accessible way. We promise to keep things fun and will strive to delight you with our boundless energy and fearless pioneering spirit.

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A tailor-made technique, just for you

Whoever said one size fits all? We are all unique, and that's why we personalise our technique so that each and every person has their own tool-kit tailored just to them. Because it fits with your own nervous system it is super efficient and quickly enables you to relieve your stress, expand your horizons, access your deepest core, and embrace your full potential. Our technique also makes it easy to meditate whenever and wherever you like, without the need of a quiet space or a digital device.

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We're here for as long as you need us

Our mission is to empower you. If you want to take our initial technique and sail away with your new life tool in hand, that's fine by us. If you'd like continued support with our free drop-in classes, then that's also great. And if you'd like to continue your journey with us, where we can fast-track your progress to a better life, then nothing would give us more pleasure. It's completely up to you.

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Our vision

We're working towards a more positive planet where the breadth of human potential is celebrated and achieved wherever possible.

To help make this happen, we offer two free places on every course to people who wouldn't otherwise have the means to pay. We are also building a dedicated team to teach meditation in schools for free; if we can enable our children to develop into more balanced, empathetic, connected beings we will plant the seeds for a brighter future.

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Meet the Beeja team

We work hard at Beeja to make meditation as fun and relevant as possible. We are all dedicated meditators and together we have many decades of experience teaching meditation.

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Founder and Teacher
Hey, I'm Will, the founding teacher at Beeja Meditation in London.

I discovered meditation over a decade ago, after burning the candle at both ends, and hitting the wall. I couldn't sleep and was totally stressed out, when a chance conversation on a night out led me to meditation. Two weeks later, my insomnia vanished. Since then, I've spent nine epic years travelling around the world, learning everything I could about meditation and how to create the best courses and classes for you. By sharing my simple tools from our London meditation space, I want to help create a healthier, happier world.

Live Events
Hi, I'm Larry. I lead the charge on live events and experiences at Beeja.

I've worked in management, record labels, radio, film and TV for over 20 years and am currently the owner of Resident, a music venue in downtown LA. I'd always dabbled in meditation, but it never really stuck until I attended Will's course. For all the fun in my career, I felt like I was letting my days slip by, consumed by to-do lists, anxiety and stress. Meditation provided me with the peace and stillness I craved and reminded me how important it is to live in the moment and appreciate what I've got. My chronic migraine problem has all but been eliminated, and I'm super excited to help share this knowlege with the world, because it has profoundly touched my life, and I want my kids to grow up in a world where meditation is part of the cultural fabric of society. I run World Meditation Day, am developing a Beeja US college and universities tour, and getting our podcasts ready for a major blast in 2020.

General Manager
"Meditation has been an absolute gift for me, improving my life immeasurably. Give it a go!"

I work to make the Beeja website, App and live experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible for all of our students. I'd love to hear from you with any feedback, drop me a note!

I believe that observation is inspiration.
An engineer by education and a designer by passion,

I found my perfect calling in building beautiful and functional websites & apps. At Beeja, I ensure our website and app users are delighted with every click. Meditating with Beeja has been especially clutter breaking and thought clarifying for me and I am more than excited to be a part of this amazing journey.

Job openings

Our mission is to contribute to a significant uplift in the collective consciousness by kickstarting a healing revolution that feels accessible, relevant and fun; thereby inspiring tens of millions to learn meditation in an easy, effective, personalised and portable way. More conscious, more balanced people = more harmonious communities = a happier and healthier planet. If you wish to be a part of this change, then get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.