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Our Beeja fast-track programmes offer an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in advanced knowledge and advanced techniques which will take you far beyond anything you are currently experiencing. When you take this extraordinary journey into your consciousnes you'll find a whole new world opens up both internally and externally. We will help you to schedule your courses in a way that gives you the smoothest trajectory and maximum growth.

We have designed two bespoke fast-track packages: Beeja Saffron and Beeja Gold

Beeja Saffron

Structured over one year


12 x £163 monthly installments

(you save £280)

Beeja Gold

Structured over two years


24 x £163 monthly installments

(you save £930)

My anxiety and depression is lifting, I'm sleeping like a log, I have waves of energy, am less reactive to potentially stressful situations and my friends and colleagues have noticed how much calmer, balanced and happier seem.

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Helena, PR, London

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Clockwise Glasgow

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