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A course like no other...

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Over six weekends, spread across a ten month period, Will and his team will take you on a mind-blowing journey through every experience available to the human nervous system. You’ll be introduced to a wealth of transformative techniques and knowledge that will expand your understanding of life itself. It’s what every human seeks; a sense of meaning, purpose and wisdom. This truth can’t be told; it’s a visceral feeling which comes alive when you are elevated through the highest planes of existence.

Remember what it was like to be eight years old; full of wonder at the world and inquisitive about our place in it. We can help you connect to the essence of the universe, and begin to answer those childhood thoughts for yourself. Prepare to open up a Jedi level of understanding that will radically alter your outlook on life. You’ll leave in possession of the most incredible tool in human history: a high fidelity nervous system that is capable of tuning into the wisdom of the cosmos.

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"The Limitless Living course has been a golden box filled with the wonders of life and clarity. I feel I have gained a true understanding of the dynamics that shape our world and nature. And with understanding comes love. Thus, it has allowed me to experience a type of love I had only heard and dreamt of. It is pure unconditional love for life, humanity and myself.”

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Isabela, Student, London

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What you will gain from the course

We’ll make it easy; there’s no need to restrain your thoughts or change your lifestyle.

Instead, we want to free you up, using the Vedas (meaning ‘knowledge’ in Sanskrit). This is the fascinating and far-reaching body of wisdom and spiritual experience from Northern India on which Beeja is founded.

Meditate like a master

Deepen your knowledge of meditation; become more expert and masterful through 120 hours of learning, discovery and consciousness-expanding workshops.

Discover how and why meditation works so profoundly at a spiritual level.

Learn an array of advanced techniques to help you connect to the deepest layers of the cosmos and your innermost self.

Explore your place in the universe

This is not academic or scriptural. This is not about rules. It’s about training your inner compass to guide you, so you never need a teacher ever again.

Learn the secrets of the universe and experience life in such high definition you’ll wonder if somebody has slipped something into your tea (we promise, they haven’t!).

Learn practical tools to integrate into your daily life to become a truly fulfilled, happy and high capable human being.

Harness your energy

Expand your potential to infinite horizons.

Experience an uplifting transformative energy which frees you from troubling past experiences, or problems. When your consciousness expands to such a heightened level of awareness things that seemed insurmountable are suddenly washed away, as you relate to life in a far more resilient and meaningful way.

Gain a sense of freedom, clarity and insight that would have been unimaginable before.

Feel the flow

Live your life with a fizz and a bang; energised and insightful about its possibilities.

Gain an understanding of your unique life purpose.

Unearth an enhanced perspective on the deeper mechanics of love, relationships and communication.

Your deepest essence will shine through as you move away from fear-based living, and into a state of pure flow.

"Understanding why things happen the way they do and how to transmute “bad” things into “good” has enabled me to face my life full on and without fear. It has helped to cast a light on all the things I clung onto that I thought were important. Now I recognise what really matters which means I can enjoy life with far less friction than before”

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Digby, Property Manager, Sussex

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Course structure

Weekend One

During this opening weekend, you will be introduced to three techniques that will immediately uplift your experience to a new level.

We’ve tailor-made two of the techniques for our retreat environment. The third has been designed for you to take back into the world to accelerate your progress beyond our weekend workshops.

We will also begin the journey of introducing you to some of the most fundamental secrets of the universe, so that you can immediately start connecting with nature, and people, in a more profound way.

You will find yourself having a deeper understanding of how and why things are happening. And you will begin to fathom what your unique gifts are and how you can best express them in every area of your life.

Weekend Two
Weekend Three
Weekend Four
Weekend Five
Weekend Six

Practical information and FAQs

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Is there a prerequisite for joining the course?

To enroll on Limitless Living, you will have already completed a Beeja Beginner's Course and attended one of our Rounding Retreats

How much will it cost?

We have flexible purchasing options to make the course as accessible as possible.

You don’t have to dive right in and book the whole course. Try one weekend and see how you go. Or, sign up in full and benefit from a 15% overall discount.

Sections 1-3 are a mini-series in their own right and, wherever possible, we recommend experiencing them all to give you a sense of completedness.

What if I can’t make all the dates?

Don’t worry. Do as many weekends as you can and then switch onto a following series. But if you do have any commitments you can amend or postpone, we really recommend it.

All the segments must be taken sequentially, but as we mentioned, there’s really no pressure to book them all at once.


One Weekend
One Limitless Living weekend at a time

£420 (3 x £160 instalments)

Three Weekends
Half Jedi Package of 3 Limitless Living weekends

£1200 (6 x £215 instalments)

Six Weekends
Full Jedi Package of all 6 Limitless Living weekends

£2180 (12 x £200 instalments)

"I learnt to stop ignoring the beauty that surrounds us all, and to fully understand that happiness does not exist in the future – it is only ever in the present. I haven’t looked back since taking Limitless Living."

Steve, Financial Manager

"The most fundamental outcome of the course for me was that I now have a very different appreciation of the world around me and can love and laugh more readily and be less impacted by the stresses under which the always-on, modern way of life places us! You'll be forever grateful."

Hamish, Chief Revenue Officer

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