Meditation for Infertility

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Studies show that there is a link between meditation practice and hormone balance. By adopting a plan of meditation, you can calm your mind and centre your body - and also reduce the physical and emotional stress that can be associated with fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

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  • The problem: Male Infertility

    For men, the main issue in fertility stems from low testosterone, low luteinizing hormone (LH) and low luteinizing-hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) levels, resulting in smaller testes and less functional sperm.

    Whether a consequence of psychological stressors or physical ones brought about by working too hard or exercising too much, the result is always the same: decreased reproductive capability.

    The body’s stress response shuts down secretion of these key hormones, and the corresponding release of prolactin also inhibits the pituitary gland’s responsiveness to LHRH. 

    A stress-induced release of steroid hormones called glucocorticoids also inhibits the sensitivity of the testes to LH, and so both the quantity and receptivity of these critical hormones become compromised.

  • The problem: Female Infertility

    Whilst female reproductive capability is more complex than male, the vast majority of cases are also intimately related to stress-related hormonal imbalance.

    A study from the 1990s that compared 488 women with various health conditions, found that those with infertility felt as anxious or depressed as women facing a diagnosis of cancer or heart disease.

    Luteinizing-hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) is vital because it triggers the pituitary gland to release luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

    Yet stress-induced prolactin release on the pituitary gland reduces the quantity and quality of LHRH that is released.

    Getting the balance right is crucial for ovulation and the release of other key hormones from the ovaries such as oestrogens. 

    The rush of glucocorticoids that are produced under stress also affects the sensitivity of the ovaries to LH.

    Not only that, but stress inhibits progesterone, which disrupts the maturation of the uterine walls, and once again stress-induced prolactin release acts as a blocking agent to progesterone activity.

    Even if there is enough hormonal activity to initiate ovulation, and even if the egg becomes fertilised, it is much less likely to implant due to immature uterine wall development brought about by insufficient progesterone.

    These are the same prolactins which, when stimulated during breastfeeding, inhibit the reproductive cycle in a very helpful evolutionary trait. But if you wish to conceive, its presence will be far from helpful.

  • How can Beeja help?

    Beeja is a stress management tool that not only lessens your stress response, but also re-programmes your hormonal production to its most natural settings. By bringing all systems into balance, the barriers to conception are significantly reduced.

    Unlike other infertility treatment options, it is a completely natural way of boosting fertility. Rather than being a stressful chore, it offers a really enjoyable oasis of space and calm in your day.

    Whether done as a compliment to treatment, or as an alternative, meditation will significantly increase the probabilities of success, and will help make the whole process smoother and less traumatic.

    The process of IVF is often quite a harrowing experience. We are aware of the stressful physical and emotional toll that IVF takes and it is not surprising that depressive symptoms so often go hand in hand with this process.

    Unfortunately, the probabilities are against us from the start. Dealing with infertility brings its own stresses, and the challenging nature of the IVF process almost certainly plays a part in the low success rates.

    Anything stressful is going to inhibit our reproductive functioning further. 

    Whilst Beeja is hugely beneficial to everybody in terms of stress, if there is a biological reason that you aren’t able to reproduce we wouldn’t be able to change that make-up in your body.

    But if your reproductive system is working, but functioning poorly, then there is a good chance meditation can make the difference.

    A regular daily practice also speeds up the chances of success.

    If (and hopefully when) you do fall pregnant, meditation is hugely supportive to both baby and parents. 

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    Rosie, Mum

    “I learned with Will last year and had a very positive experience and have subsequently been recommending the course to friends. I had to have an operation soon after and I found the meditation really helped with the anxiety prior to it, and the recovery afterwards. I was extremely happy to get pregnant in the following couple of weeks (after 10 months of trying). It seems the meditation helped my body get back to where it needed to be. I am truly delighted with the results!” 

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