Meditation for Jet Lag

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Meditation can be a great way to recover from jet lag (the disruption to circadian rhythms caused by travelling between time zones). A reduction in stress and a greater sense of bodily relaxation can all contribute to a normalisation of sleep patterns - helping you to get adjusted to the new time zone more quickly.

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  • The problem

    If you’ve had to get a long-distance flight and head straight into a meeting at the other end. Or if you’ve ever holidayed long-haul with kids, you’ll know only too well how painful the jetlag hangover can be. Literally sapping days of your life once you get home and throwing your normal routine way out of whack.

  • How it affects you

    Jetlag throws our bodies into disarray by upsetting our natural circadian rhythms, or body clock. 

    It upsets our sleep patterns; keeping us up at night when we want to be sleeping, and making it difficult to function properly throughout the day.

  • How can Beeja help?

    By resetting the body’s nervous system every time we meditate, we can adjust to the new time zone almost instantaneously, reducing or eliminating the disorienting effects of jet lag.

    In addition to this, meditation has a number of other powerful characteristics which make the flying experience smoother.

    When we meditate with personalised mantras, we get powerful levels of rest (2 – 5 times deeper than the deepest point in sleep) which is why it can be so beneficial on long-haul flights when sleep is invariably interrupted and poor quality.

    We can practise this style of meditation anywhere, and the seated position on a plane is perfect.  So if we are struggling to sleep, we can compensate by undertaking plentiful meditation during the flight.

    It will also enhance the immune system so that we have greater resistance to all of the airborne germs circulating through the ventilation system. 

    Meditation also supports a key region of the brain called the hippocampus, which is responsible for all of our memory formation and recall, as well as our spatial navigation. This region is often damaged in frequent flyers, and particularly flight crews.

    And lastly, it makes a flight go much more quickly, so that you can glide through your journey in a totally relaxed fashion, and arrive at your destination feeling clear, energised and ready to go.

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  • Reviews

    Adam, Location Sound Recordist

    “I finally took the plunge three months ago and attended Will’s course. Since then I haven’t looked back, I’ve found the benefits to be amazing. My stress levels have come down, I’m sleeping better than ever before and as I travel a lot for work I’ve managed to find a brilliant way of combating jet lag.”

    Paul, Retired

    "I meditated 4 times on the flight home and had zero jet lag as you promised. Felt fantastic!”

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