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The advance of modern medicine has been amazing; it’s helped extend life expectancy and improve quality of life for many people. But there is a downside; we have become so used to popping a pill to treat an ailment that medicine is becoming over prescribed and over used. Before we know it, we need additional meds to deal with the side effects from the first ones. It’s all too easy to get stuck in an unhealthy cycle of treating the symptoms, and ignoring the underlying cause. Beeja meditation helps to access the power of our internal pharmacy which, when unlocked through meditation, can reduce the need for over the counter solutions.

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  • The problem

    The world is awash with medications, and the more we use them, the more dependent we become, and the more we find additional meds are needed to cope.

    Despite huge strides in medical science over the last century, doctors and scientists are often still baffled by what is going on at a fundamental level.  They often use trial and error to find something that appears to generate the best results. That’s fine on a tactical basis, and, in the absence of a better way, it can and does provide relief. But in helping one thing, it can cause other biological dramas in the process.

    When it comes to medicating depression, for example, nobody is sure whether it is dopamine, serotonin, or noradrenaline that’s the problem. And is it too little, or too much? Each prescriber has their own favourite drug type - which could be tricyclics, MAOIs, or SSRIs.

  • How it affects you

    We have the world’s greatest pharmacy right here within us all. So far we have counted over 200 different neurotransmitters that the brain produces. It uses these like letters of the alphabet to build chemical words with different meanings. And even the same chemical wording can have different meanings to different neurons. The complexity of it all is mind-boggling but thankfully our automated functioning takes care of it.

    That is... unless we’ve disrupted the process somehow. There are lots of ways we can do this. Through our inadvertent stress responses to all the demands of modern life - which create chemical cascades of their own; through environmental toxins in our air, water and food; through recreational naughtiness - which is fun at the time but leaves a nasty hangover after the event. If you’re actively engaged in life, it’s virtually impossible to avoid these things. 

    We’re all doing our best to stay balanced under the circumstances. But so often that means reaching for external stimulants and medications to get us through the day.

    Even socially accepted crutches like a strong coffee, or chocolate, as an emergency pick-me-up, create a dependent relationship it’s hard to let go.

  • How can Beeja help?

    Beeja will help you tap into our body’s natural creative intelligence by giving it the resources it needs to find balance. In many situations it will allocate its own chemical response in a way that is far superior to anything the pharmaceutical giants can give us.

    Beeja does this by cleaning out the nervous system and freeing up the lines of communication. 

    It improves our cellular repair functioning so chronic problems are able to resolve themselves, and the need for medication naturally reduces. 

    Beeja also manages our stress response so that we don’t keep going into unnecessary stress shutdown, or worse, start programming ourselves to operate on a permanent survival footing, which throws all our internal systems out.

    With time, we become less and less dependent on pharmacological substitutes with molecular structures that are much less refined than our own. By choosing a more natural approach, unwanted side effects become a thing of a past. If anything, the side effects are nothing but positive. 

    If you are on medication and you’d like to come off it there’s a good chance we can help.  In many cases, after a few months of meditation, Beeja meditators find they can reduce their intake.

    This must always be done in consultation with the prescribing doctor, and it’s also good to manage expectations; sometimes medication is necessary and very helpful. But Beeja will always help you to cope with your illness or condition more easily, if that’s the case.  

    At the very least, meditation may help with the causes of our imbalances. Check out the list of benefits for more details of how Beeja meditation can help differing conditions.

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  • Reviews

    Karen, Pilates Teacher

    "I came to Beeja meditation because I had a condition which caused me a lot of pain and was on medication which had side effects I would rather have avoided. Within a short time of learning, the pain cleared and I was able to come off the medication and I haven’t been on it since. It was a real relief. I have realised that I was suffering from chronic stress which was affecting the way I lived and experienced life. Things are different since I have learned – much easier and enjoyable. Everyday I meditate I know it’s going to be a good day.”

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“Medical science is making such remarkable progress that soon none of us will be well."

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