Meditation for Mood Swings

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Meditation can help to bring awareness, balance and control to turbulent emotions. By calming your mind you can begin to become more centred and able to smooth out your emotional peaks and valleys by becoming more in tune with the workings of your own mind.

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  • The problem

    Most people who experience mood swings don’t think about visiting a doctor, or seeking mental health treatment, as the symptoms might not be all that severe or as the emotional highs feel nice, they don't realise there's anything wrong. 

    But mood swings can affect daily life, especially when you’re feeling low, and cause problems with personal and work relationships. It’s just as unsettling to be the person experiencing the mood swings, as it is for those around them.

  • How it affects you

    Hormone levels affect our mood; to find out why it’s worth understanding a little about how our brain cells communicate with each other. Prepare yourselves; we are going to get straight to the nitty gritty!

    When a brain cell, or neuron, becomes excited by a thought, or memory, it sends an electrical impulse down the stem fibre of the cell to the root-like structures that buffet the neighbouring cell’s antennae. When the wave of electrical excitation reaches the roots, they release chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) which then attach themselves to their neighbour’s intricate antennae system; it then gets electrically excited too. The neurotransmitters, then either return home to be recycled, or they get turned into debris and flushed out of the body (via cerebrospinal fluid, blood and urine). If they are not disposed of completely, then they start to build-up and this amplifies the effects of any future messages. Thus, the effective release and disposal of these chemical messengers is vital to balanced inter-neuronal communication.

    The result of this neuronal communication process is the release of hormones and transmitters which create change within the body and the emotions we feel.

    We need to keep our brain cells functioning at their best to avoid dodgy messaging. But over use of stimulants, toxic food or medications - which have left fake chemicals swimming around our brains - can aggravate our neurons with constant calls for attention. 

    When our processing is awry this tends to amplify our mind-body signals and can cause miscommunication between the two. 

    We end up swinging from one emotional extreme to another. 

    This can be really stressful to experience, which only goes to make things worse, as the release of stress chemicals skews things even more negatively. There are eruptions of emotion which feel uncontrollable, as they come from deep within your subconscious programming. 

    The brain messaging system is incredibly complex. There are trillions of connections, and over 200 neurochemicals are responsible for transmitting their information to your body. You will react very differently to the name neurochemical depending on which site receives the signal. A single transmitter can be responsible for pancreatic regulation at one branch of the system, and teenage crushes at another. And we wonder why we get ourselves so tangled up!

  • How can Beeja help?

    Beeja meditation works at all levels to restore balance to our systems and calm to our lives. 

    First, by rebalancing the central nervous system, we reduce the level of electrical excitation within a source neuron, ensuring that the correct levels of transmitters and hormones are released. 

    Second, meditation helps clear out the receptor sites, so that the messengers are received at the appropriate level and are not super-charged by remnants of past signals. 

    Third, if the chemicals tend to be recycled back into the original neuron, we ensure we never run low on supplies. 

    Finally, Beeja helps to build better connections between our neurons so that our internal signalling becomes more efficient, and no longer do we generate inappropriate crushes when we should be generating digestive function!

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  • Reviews

    Lily, Pilates Teacher

    “One of the biggest gifts of my life to date is my Beeja meditation practice. Living and working in London can take its toll on your physical, emotional and subtle energies, that no amount of healthy living can fully absorb, but my daily meditation practice keeps my energy grounded, my internal systems balanced and healthy and my general mood balanced and happy!”

    Eileen, Lecturer

    “I know for a fact that the Beeja Meditation has enabled me to have a better work life balance and to also remain more positive.  I have been able to address other areas of my life and be more open to spiritual experiences, which just would not have been possible prior to gaining this gift. I’m so glad to have this tool, it brings me peace of mind when I am hectic and keeps me calm and in balance when stresses would otherwise knock me off balance.”

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