Meditation for PMS

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Many meditation practitioners find that it is a natural PMS remedy. Studies show that meditation is able to rebalance the body’s hormones and decrease pain levels, as well as eliminate stresses that might otherwise be contributing factors.

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  • The problem

    Those ancient humans definitely had some things right. A long time ago the fertility of the divine female was utterly revered. A woman’s cycle was respected as a time when she needed to rest and preserve her energy… but fast forward to the 21st century, and we’re a mighty long way from that. 

    Now, we’re expected to keep going no matter what. Not only should we be operating at full pelt, we should probably take up roller blading too. For lols. 

    Our biology is not set up for 24/7 living 365 days of the year. During this time our bodies want to detox, cleanse and renew. This takes energy. We often suffer from headaches, fatigue, stress, pain and mood swings. 

    Anxiety can contribute to making PMS worse as those who suffer badly start to dread its next disruptive appearance.

  • How it affects you

    Any incidence of stress will aggravate PMS, and, in most cases, caffeine will too. Ironically we often reach for the caffeine as a quick fix way to stimulate our nervous system, which has been overloaded and depleted by the burden of stress in our lives.

    The symptoms of PMS demonstrate that there is unevenness in our physiological programming. It’s likely that the chronic intermittent stressors that we’ve experienced have pushed things sufficiently out of kilter that when we transition from the follicular to the luteal phase, any imbalances are exposed and become more pronounced.

  • How can Beeja meditation help?

    Beeja meditation will not only help to alleviate PMS symptoms; it will nourish every part of your being. This is an all-encompassing PMS treatment that will help you feel wherever you are in your cycle.

    As well as giving us super deep levels of rest, meditation reduces stress so that less tension builds up during the month. The additional endorphin release that meditation provides will also mean you are less dependent on caffeinated substances to get you through your day.

    As a result, stress and caffeine will no longer be contributory factors.

    Meditation as a natural PMS treatment can dramatically reduce anxiety levels; so we can focus our mental, physical and emotional energies on more positive things. It also helps rebalance our digestive system, allowing us to absorb more of the nutrients in our food, which can also be a contributing factor to this condition.

    This will also lead to a better calcium uptake in the organs, and the bones, with more in storage ready for use whenever we need it. It’s common for women with PMS to be low on calcium.  

    Meditation also encourages our organs, tissues and cells to cleanse throughout the month so that when the time of premenstrual purification comes, we are not having to process nearly so much toxicity.

    We also become more in tune with our bodies, recognising, respecting and allowing for more rest and nurture when we need it.

    Beeja meditation creates better hormonal balance. If our serotonin, glutamate and opiod levels are stable, we’re far less likely to lose our premenstrual minds over minor curveballs. 

    For those who extreme the most extreme levels of PMS, there is a high risk of developing clinical depression and damage to the cortex of the brain. Meditation is really effective at reducing depressive tendencies and also stimulates activity in the cortex; protecting it against decay and keeping us cognitively firing on all cylinders.

    The result is emotional stability and calmness, less pain and more zest for life. (Rollerblade use more realistic, but still optional).

    And that is only the beginning. Not only do meditators always report significant improvements in their PMS symptoms, they often find the freedom this brings can be a stepping stone towards a lasting sense of fulfilment.


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    Lucinda, Project Manager

    "I’ve now been meditating for two weeks after attending Will’s course and I’m already noticing benefits. I feel calmer and able to deal with what life throws at me which is fantastic after such a short time.”

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