Meditation for Self Realisation

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Self-realisation means coming to truly know yourself, and meditation is able to reduce distractions and stress to create the clarity of mind necessary for looking inwards and finding real understanding of our own essence of being.

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  • The problem

    The experience of self is like a coming home. When you regularly experience your deepest self, it makes you feel much more at ease within yourself. When we nourish the roots of our soul, we nourish our whole being.

    The stronger our connection with this place within us, the more we spontaneously find ourselves living from a space of love, wisdom, intelligence, creativity and fruitful engagement with the world.

    Meditation enables us to experience this deep inner state. From there, every aspect of our life improves. We enjoy a deep sense of peace, happiness and contentment and this sense grows along with our rising awareness.

    If you already feel you are in a position of self-realisation, but are interested in exploring more, please do get in touch. There is so much we would love to help you discover. 

    The great sages of the Beeja tradition were all masters of the most advanced states of consciousness. Using their incredible knowledge and techniques we can all achieve a mega heightened and far-reaching state of awareness.

    We have access to all of the most powerful techniques from ancient India, and we take great joy in passing them on as and when people are ready for them. It’s simply a case of making sure that people are handed the right tools, and the right knowledge, at the right time. And for that, we are very grateful to have sat at the feet of the world’s foremost master of Beeja knowledge and to have learned everything he has to offer.

  • How it affects you

    Since ancient times wise men have encouraged us to “know thyself.” But what does that mean?

    In our world, we are very object-oriented, but what about the subject? Is it the body, the mind, the ego, or the soul? We may understand our quirks and our traits well, our little pet likes and dislikes, but knowledge about the self is very different to the experience of self

    What determines our preferences in the first place; the way we think, fear and act? Is it our DNA? Is it our family nurturing? Our peers, tribe or schooling? Our community or society? Our leaders?

    Do the remnants of religious doctrine still subconsciously hold sway over us? Or is it modern key influencers, such as the media and advertisers? All will have their influence, and sometimes it can be a challenge to access that which represents our truest, deepest self.

    When you find a way to de-excite the mind, body and nervous system, you start to see glimpses of what this fundamental reality is, and how you as an individual are an expression of that essence which lies deep within you.

    Once you understand this, not just conceptually, but experientially as a living 24/7 reality, then you have attained self-realisation, and indeed, the first phase of an enlightened existence.

  • How can Beeja help?

    By working with the nervous system, the seat of our consciousness, Beeja meditation helps deliver very swift and very profound experiences.

    Researchers at Harvard ran tests on meditators to see how self-realised they are, and those who practise this technique tend to experience an effect that is four times more powerful than those doing other practices.

    This knowledge was largely lost for thousands of years, and, in its place, we developed techniques that could bring success, but at which you would have to work very, very hard to fully attain a state of self.

    Thank goodness that once India achieved independence, the Beeja masters who remained in hiding came out of the Himalayas and started making this knowledge widely available once more.

    Not only is Beeja meditation highly effective, it is also considerably easier to practise than the vast majority of techniques that are available. Having your own mantra, which resonates within you as a subtle vibration will create a supreme level of coherence within your mind and body. You will find it easy to pick up, and easy to engage with, and it will provide an anchor to your practice that helps you settle down into the great ocean of consciousness that lies within.

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  • Reviews

    Dejana, Life Coach

    “I've been a spiritual seeker for many years, and although everything I tried made a difference, it is Beeja meditation that caused the most profound shift in my life. At all levels and in a very short amount of time.” 

    Patrick, Builder, Worthing

    “Beeja meditation has opened a whole new way of living and being for me. I feel so inspired by life now! I also feel calmer, more peaceful and much more connected to the universe. I wasn't really expecting it to have such a huge impact like this, and all I can say is that I'm so grateful to Will and  Jess for all they have shared.” 

    Sean, Teacher, Essex

    “What is most encouraging is that I feel that each day that passes I am getting more and more in tune with myself and that I am becoming a more whole self-actualised person.” 

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“He (or she) who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.”

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