Meditation for Weight Management

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Meditation helps you lose weight by significantly decreasing mental anxiety and the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which stimulates appetite. With reduced need to "comfort eat" and a greater resistance to impulse, it is far easier to stick to diet and exercise plans and stay the course.

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  • The Problem

    There are many reasons why we find ourselves carrying a few more or less pounds than we feel is healthier for us. 

    Ultimately, the critical factor in determining whether we tend to overeat or undereat is down to the stress signatures we experience in our life, either through our programmed responses or the nature of our work.

  • How it affects you

    If we are in a constant state of stress, then we generally under-eat or are hypophagic. If we are subject to frequent intermittent stressors, then we will lean towards over-eating or hypophagia.

    In “fight or flight”emergency mode, our digestive system is starved of energy, and as something that isn’t immediately essential to our survival, our appetite tends to drop.

    However, if we experience stress over the long term, two-thirds of us begin to overeat. 

    Chronic intermittent stress floods our bodies with cortisol. This hormone makes us feel in constant need of a big energy boost, leading to cravings and unhealthy choices – especially as it can also create drops in blood sugar.

    Living in the modern world have a big impact on our sleep, and not getting enough sleep at night has been linked to increased calorie consumption, less inclination to exercise, greater cravings for unhealthy foods and decreased the ability to make sensible, thoughtful decisions

  • How can Beeja meditation help?

    The relationship between stress and weight is key to understanding why meditation can help you manage your body composition. 

    When we meditate, our overactive stress response dissipates, and we are not at the mercy of the fat hoarding cells.

    We find ourselves graduating towards more healthy patterns of eating, and our digestive system also becomes stronger now that it’s not subject to such frequent stress shutdown.

    This means we are better able to metabolise our food. As a result of absorbing the key nutrients in our dietary intake more effectively, our diet becomes spontaneously more balanced, and we find ourselves much more capable of self-restraint.

    And as our perception becomes more refined, dysmorphic tendencies tend to dissipate.

    It is also worthwhile considering that we are all born with different shapes, and no matter how much the media tries boxing us into picture perfect body ideals, the most natural and healthy way to be, is to be comfortable in your skin.


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  • Reviews

    Annabel, Business Operations Manager, London

    You didn't tell me I was going to need a new wardrobe! I've been trying to diet for over 10 years, and I've never gotten anywhere. Since learning to meditate with you, I've lost 1 stone 7lbs in two months! The weight has literally fallen off of me, which is especially remarkable as Christmas is usually my downfall but not this time. I find I'm eating much more healthily and I don't even want any snacks. It's wonderful.

    Betty, Retiree

    "Since learning this meditation technique with Will, I feel a strength and energy that really uplifts my day"

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“Meditation could be a key in helping people to control their dietary habits and in helping them lose weight.”

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