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Beeja is simple and effective and applicable to modern life. It has made me a better person.

Vedic meditation has literally opened me up to the world. I always struggled to see the benefits of meditation but for me this technique is so simple to do yet even within just 2 months the impact for me has been both deep and profound. I am calmer, less stressed, less anxious, more confident and I feel relationships with family, friends and colleagues have been transformed. I had been feeling a bit stuck in life for a long time and I feel that by clearing out the white noise of stress and anxiety in my head has made space for me to face up to things that have been keeping me stuck for years. Whilst it’s not always easy to face up to your demons I really do feel like I am on a life transforming path. I highly recommend to anyone thinking about trying this technique to give it a go.

I had battled with anxiety and depression for years and had tried all kinds of remedies tirelessly. My life was still stuck. I finally found Will Williams Meditation. The benefits were instant in terms of mood and soothing the anxiety but I wondered when the deeper changes would occur. I was told the changes would happen subtly, that the meditation works its magic in a very natural way. I kept meditating and slowly began making different choices without realising. It was only three months later, running to a course I never would have been brave enough to do before - it suddenly dawned on me - I was finally living the life I had always dreamed of living. I had arrived at this place so subtly and I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I can’t wait to discover what other happy surprises I have in store. It really has changed my life, that is a fact.



Will Williams' meditation technique is a gift that keeps on giving. I had no idea how powerful and life-enhancing meditating could be. I took the beginners' course in June 2017 and in July 2018 I learned the Advanced Mantra technique. Vedic meditation is so good for me, because I am not someone who is particularly able to clear my head, think of nothing and sit in silence. . . so, it's ideal that with this technique has an 'effortless' concept. Thank you, Will and the Team for your inspiration xxx

We asked our students how meditation has helped them...

I have just completed the Veda course, and found it the most incredible and giving experience of my life so far. The knowledge delivered over the weekends is both mind-expanding and beautiful, and Will is an incredible teacher. The main benefit for me is rather than struggling through life, I feel this course is helping me to develop the insight to live with much more freedom and expression, and to find my true self. If you are thinking of giving it a go, I would recommend you jump straight in. Thank you to Will and the team.




I found the beginners course absolutely perfect even though I had done some meditation before; but it would have been equally suitable for someone with absolutely no experience. The whole approach to Vedic meditation at Will Williams is profoundly respectful to the tradition from whence it comes, but without requiring (or even asking for) belief in anything. I felt the personal instruction was tailored to me as an individual and was not just recited from a script. The two group sessions were very enjoyable and informative. Everyone was encouraged to share their experiences and comments but nobody was pounced on or made uncomfortable in any way. In short, I have found what I have been looking for.


An amazing course. Before starting I had not really attempted meditation before and I can firmly say that this was a weekend I am sure will stay with me for years to come as I hope my meditation practice will. I now feel equipped with just the right amount of knowledge to commit to this new part of life. I highly recommend the course to anyone looking for change and a greater perspective.


I did the initial meditation course over a year ago and have felt great benefits to my life since. An improved sense of calm and clarity and productivity and creativity perhaps being the most obvious. Not to say that life doesn't still hold its challenges, but regular meditation helps to find a smoother path. The retreat was a fantastic experience. Even if I was trepidatious at first, and it felt like a big commitment on every level - it was worth it and I spent a very memorable, healing and nurturing few days. My only recommendation would be to be sure you can take it nice and easy for a good few days afterwards!!!  I feel very grateful for Will and his gang and the fantastic work they are doing.



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